Anna Gat and 11 sentence essays

These are fantastic. In every way possible. They are short essays, 11 sentences long. I could post all the essays that she has written. It’s not that many yet. It’s worthwhile to read them all.

The concept of 11 sentence essays is new to me. I love them. Even when Anna is not writing them.

The 11 sentence essay is the perfect writing exercise. Not too long, mostly editing and focusing on what you want to say. Word choice, brevity, and clarity. All aspects that readers appreciate.

Inspired by Anna I’ve tried to write a few myself. They are not at publishing quality, but going through the motions has helped me write. Not only more, but inspired writing. There is something about the economy of language that is appealing both as a reader and writer.

A subscription to Annas Substack is a joy for your inbox.

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