A hotel review of Tawaraya Ryokan in Kyoto, Japan


This is a hotel review of a traditional Japanese inn, a Ryokan. It features one of the oldest Ryokans and what I found fascinating was how different it is from a classical hotel. All food is served in your room. The sparse yet elegant room changes depending on what you need it for, sleep, tv, etc.

There is no lobby and barely a small aisle which passes as a reception area. That’s about the time when you will first remember your luggage that still should be in the taxi. But no worries – by the time you reach your room it will already be waiting for you. How that feat is possible, I do not know, though, since you are taking the only route to your room and it certainly will not pass you.

On my way out one of the porters silently approached me and said: “Schwarze-sama, we checked the weather forecast andthere will be rain this evening. So here is an umbrella to take along. Also, we took the liberty of reserving a table at that restaurant you wanted to go. Oh and last thing: here is a city plan for you where we already detailed down the way to Fushimi Inari.” It goes without saying that the guy responsible for my shoes already set out my hiking shoes and not one of my city or evening shoes. Even he knew of my plans.

It’s worth reading the review and looking at the pictures.

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