Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

I give it 8/10. Link to Goodreads.

Read in 2 days. I went in blind on this book. Didn’t know he had a new book coming. I thought his next was going to be in the Artemis universe. Looking back to the first few chapters I’m impressed by what kind of book it turned out to be.

He knows how to drip information and spinning a good yarn. The way the book is structured gives the reader increasing knowledge of the world the book is set in without feeling like it’s withholding the story. This is Andy at his best. Loads of space, exciting, and a real page-turner. Readers of his previous work will appreciate the humor.

“I penetrated the outer cell membrane with a nanosyringe.”
“You poked it with a stick?”
“No!” I said. “Well. Yes. But it was a scientific poke with a very scientific stick.”

I think this one, as with The Martian, would be best on audiobook.

The book uses sci-fi well. I have an aversion to sci-fi where it doesn’t add or frame the story in a meaningful way. Andy has always been great at using it to his advantage. As shown in The Martian where mars physics is both an obstacle and solution to the storytelling. Project Hail Mary asks us to ponder some age-old sci-fi questions. time dilation, solitude, camaraderie, humanity, heroism, physics, and how life came to be. Much of the book is about the main characters Grace and Rocky, a possible panspermia cousin who speaks in what we would think of as music, and is a carapace arachnid. The book is not as dull as that sentence makes it seem.

Again, to sum up. It’s an easy and fun read. Highly worth the time.

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