Keep in mind this was not real remote work

When talking about remote work and what we learned this last year remember this was not the normal life remote work.

Work from home was ushered in not by choice but a government mandate to save lives. our whole lives were upended. These conditions are not the right ones to judge if remote work is working or not.

People had kids at home, no one in the household has seen their friends for ages, they worried about loved ones who are in the risk zone.

That’s not remote work, that’s a pandemic response. It was not voluntary, but a move to keep society going.

When we get back to the new normal we have agency and the opportunity to work remotely rather than having it as a tool to suppress a pandemic.

Remote work has become a catch-all term for flexibility. Flexibility to pick up the kids from school and work in the evening. Take a doctor’s appointment during the classical work hours. That’s all been missing.

This was wartime remote work. Not peacetime.

Let’s keep that in mind when y’all are making HR policies.

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