This week in podcasts #3

Longfrom – Katherine Eban

Kathrine has written about the Lab-leak story for Vanity Fair. The starting line is:

Throughout 2020, the notion that the novel coronavirus leaked from a lab was off-limits. Those who dared to push for transparency say toxic politics and hidden agendas kept us in the dark.

The episode is interesting since Evan also tried to write this story, so he asks great questions.

We Study Billionaires – The Psychology of Money w/ Morgan Housel

Worst name for a podcast, lets just get that out there. They have interesting guest though.

I read Morgans book and found it to be good. Its always great to use podcast interviews as a spaced repetition learning tool. A nice and easy way to refresh your knowledge on a book or a subject. The interview covers more than the book and I found it interesting.

One thing they talk about here and in the book which I was unaware of is that Benjamin Graham said that his book, The Intelligent Investor, had formulas that was out of date. Obviously the main philosophy of the book stands and its still required reading, but could use an update. Morgan also wrote about it here, worth a look.

The Knowledge Project – Matt Ridley: Infinite Innovation

Kinda the same as the one above. Loved the book from Matt Ridley on innovation. This convorsation goes over some of the book but also breaks new ground.

The TED Interview – The end of our 50-year stagnation, Tyler Cowen

Tay Tay talks to Chris about whats stirring in the world. How the Covid-19 vaccines is on par with the moon landing and other monumental achievements. I have to agree, as he wrote in October 2020:

[…]experts were saying that a Covid-19 vaccine would take four years or more. [..]Vaccine production has been turned upside down forever, induced by a crisis. It’s not obvious now, but later observers will look back on today as a time when biomedical progress was remarkably rapid.

Tyler for Bloomberg

Right now, June 21, the industrialized world is well underway in the vaccine programs. There is an end in sight. Imagine if the vaccines took the reported 4-5 years. We would have 3-4 years left of lockdowns, how many would die and suffer? It’s truly astonishing.

This week in podcasts #2

Access to Excellence Podcast – With Emergent Ventures, Tyler Cowen puts money where his mind is

Tay Tay talks to the president of GMU. Didn’t know that EM with its comparatively small endowment out-innovated Yale.

GOOD OL’ GRATEFUL DEADCAST – Workingman’s Dead 50, Episode 1: Uncle John’s Band

Took some time for me to start this one. But it’s all you want. Stories and info on how Workingman’s Dead was made.

Rationally Speaking Podcast – Intellectual honesty, cryptocurrency, & more (Vitalik Buterin)

Vitalik talks to Julia. Vitalik is in general society overlooked. Thiel fellow that made Ethereum.

All-in Pod – Apple’s hypocrisy, America’s math failure, crypto’s regulatory correction, Clubhouse’s future, UFOs & more

The Dishcast with Andrew Sullivan – Niall Ferguson On Disasters

Interesting how Niall views corona up-against other crises. Also nice to hear Niall and Andrew talk about the old Oxford days.

Niall Ferguson on Histories, Networks, and Catastrophes

Niall again on Mindscape. Talks more about his new book Doom here.

Economist Radio – Money Talks: Berkshire after Buffett

Short and sweet about Berkshire after Buffet

The Munk Debates Podcast – Be it resolved: Beethoven, not Mozart, is the world’s greatest composer

Munk Debates with an unusual one. Not really a debate to be won. The good part is hearing the debaters highlight their composers with flourishing language and a few musical pieces.