Will Apple Mail threaten the newsletter boom? – Platformer


Long ago, email marketers began including invisible pixels in the emails they send you; when you open their messages, those pixels load, telling the sender that you read their message, and might also infer your location from your IP address.

Collectively, the percentage of people that actually open emails is known as the open rate, and it’s one of the most important metrics that senders measure to gauge the effectiveness of what they’re doing. It gives you a sense of how engaged your audience is, and how that engagement is changing over time.

Apple is stopping that. And they are big enough so that the open rate number will no longer be accurate and will thus die.

For those who don’t work in digital marketing. This is going to upend many KPI’s and will be disruptive for many businesses.
There is a larger trend going now where many businesses will have to change the numbers they have guided by for a long time. GDPR and Schrems 2 is changing marketing – short-term difficult for businesses, long-term good for users.