This week in podcasts #4

Jolly Swagman – A General Theory of Catastrophe – Niall Ferguson

Around minute 20 they talk about reading and if you should stop reading a book. They also talk about economical cycles.

It’s not that much about Niall’s new book Doom, but a far reaching conversation and that’s the reason it made the list.

The Psychology Podcast with Scott Barry Kaufman – John McWhorter || Nasty Words

John McWhorter is always interesting. His appearance on Conversations with Tyler was fantastic.

Topics this time:

· Why John wrote a book on profanity

· Why we call it “swearing”

· Why people love the f-word

· How profanity “lives in the right brain”

· Why slurs sometimes become terms of affection

· Why every culture has slurs

· Why John thinks “the elect” is doing harm to society

· How to balance contrasting perspectives on racism

· John and Scott discuss the victim mentality

· Discerning between fact and fiction in racial justice

The Ezra Klein Show – Sam Altman on the A.I. Revolution, Trillionaires and the Future of Political Power

AI is coming and Sam Altman is the CEO of Open.AI – the creator of GPT-3.

They talk about the possibilities of AI. Image using DALL-E for illustration work. How the space is evolving and the hard conversations we need to have now – before it’s too late.

Comes A Time – Bill Kreutzmann and John Mayer

Bill is such a delight. He talks about his “social sliver” – micro-dosing LSD. John talks about how he got to know Jerry Garcia as a person through his playing.
Fascinating even if you’re not a Dead fan. It’s interesting to hear musicians who tour for much of the year talk in-depth about how corona altered their lives.

Modern Finance – MoFi Consensus [June 4th]

No reason to hear the whole thing if you’re not into crypto, but there is value in learning about DeFi. DeFi is turning around finance. In normal banking the bank lends out the money you store in your account, that where some liquidity comes from. In many DeFi projects you get a solid yield percentage for adding liquidity. DeFi is huge and has many use cases.