Web 3.0 primer and reading list

A while ago I posted The Great Online Game – Not Boring (Podcast link). Which tied together a few things I’ve been thinking about but couldn’t place or put together. As a continuation of the theme, there are a few other articles that could do the same for you.

Packy McCormick of Not Boring has the last 10 months written about Web 3.0, crypto, and what that means for the internet going forward. Which opportunities lie in the proliferation of crypto. How will crypto integrate into our lives.

Reading list

Added podcast links too.

  1. The Great Online Game (podcast link)
  2. The Value Chain of the Open Metaverse (podcast link)
  3. Dao of Daos (podcast link)
  4. Own the Internet: The Bull Case for Ethereum (podcast link).
  5. Is BlockFi the Future of Finance (podcast link)
  6. Power to the Person (podcast link)

After you have read it all, please give feedback on the ranking. Am not super confident that Dao of Dao’s should be before Own the Internet. The reasoning is that DAOs are a structural thing and Ethereum is a specific blockchain. The fifth on the list should also be taken as a general intro to DeFi and not as a BlockFi take. There is also an argument to switching 6 and 1, might update that later.

I’m impressed with Packys writing and his vision of the future of the internet and am excited about that future. We need a more positive view on tech, as Caleb Watney (direct link to episode) talks about – is there something to cultures who produce more positive science fiction books than dystopian have a faster innovation cycle. All the current business leaders were heavily influenced by science fiction – Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, etc. Packy gives a good view into the next possible innovations with these great articles.

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